Sister Moira

Sister MoiraSince the second grade I wanted to be a nun – though, in truth, I did not know what that meant – just that my heart had a longing for something other.  In the fifth grade I read a biography of Therese of Lisieux and was drawn to her ‘Little Way.’  When in high school all the kids were preparing for college and careers I had another dream yet I wasn’t ready to enter religious life, so I went to school for cosmetology and became a hairdresser.   At the time when my friends were getting married and having children I thought about religious life again, but I didn’t have the chutzpah to take the big step.  I had lived on Long Island all my life and I longed for more space. So at 25 I bought a summer cottage up on a hill in the deep woods in upstate New York. That same year, during Advent, I had become fascinated with John the Baptist, so much so that I began to write a novel about his life.  A few years later, at a New Year’s Eve party – the same year as my thirtieth birthday – I had a revelation that it was time to move on from hairdressing and follow Jesus’ call for me to be a nun.

I entered the Redemptoristine Nuns 1988 and made my Profession on January 12, 1991.  I have served the community in many roles including being on the Council and coordinating the kitchen. I also help facilitate our Associate meetings and the Metropolitan Association of Contemplative Communities.  I even find time to give the   Sisters   haircuts!     In Community I have been encouraged to pursue my creative endeavors which include art and liturgical dance.  In 2006, I was blessed to have my dream of having my novel on John the Baptist, ‘HERE I AM,’ printed. My life in the monastery has brought me beyond my dreams to the reality of living my life for God in a community of contemplative women who radiate the joy of the Redeemer.