Sister Mary Anne

Sister Mary Anne ReedIn reflecting on my call to be a Redemptoristine and God’s gift to me of more then 50 years of perseverance I am convinced of God’s special undeserved care and love for each of us – and by the way THAT is our Redemptoristine call –  to become, for the world,  a Living Memorial  of Gods love for each of us.  It is a work of a life time.

We usually do not understand all of the sign posts that God puts along our way.  God asks our trust in his love and guidance.  For me the Shrine of Ste. Anne de Beaupre in Quebec, its atmosphere and the people I met there were such sign posts and though some things seemed impossible or made little sense for me at the time, a young American still green behind the ears so to speak – I listened and I trusted.

I have had the privilege of seeing many changes in the church and in our contemplative religious life.  It hasn’t always been easy but it has always been enriching.   Perhaps my one claim to fame is to have become our best (and only) organist – I am praying for a substitute!  The celebration of the Liturgy and the daily offices have always been important and so the talents I have been asked to develop is a special grace.

If you feel a call to do something special for God, listen and trust!  Remember our Lord said “I am with you always – “.