The Life of John the Baptist
Sr. Moira Quinn, O.Ss.R.

This is a moving novel of self-realization, dedication, surrender, and love. From the moment of John’s conception, to his entrance into the embrace of his Redeemer in heaven, you follow his life as a stuttering, sheltered boy, to a confused young man searching for his identity, to a man in love with a woman whom he cannot take as a wife, to the prophet who finally becomes the powerful voice of one crying in the wilderness, “Prepare the way!”     $16.00

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The Life and Message of Sister Maria Celeste Crostarosa
Rev. Joseph Oppitz, C.Ss.R.

Meet Ven. Maria Celeste Crostarosa, foundress of the Redemptoristine Nuns. Though a mystic of the 18th century Celeste offers much for our own time. In her spirituality discover what it is to be a Living Memory of Jesus for the world. Rev. Oppitz’ research has been a gift to the Order.

162 pages Suggested Donation: $8.00


MARIA CELESTE – Religious, Founder, Mystic
An Extraordinary Woman
Rev. Gerard Desrochers, C.Ss.R

Another approach to the life of Maria Celeste Crostarosa written in very accessible style by a Redemptorist priest. Rev. Desrochers loves and reveres this woman who enjoyed great intimacy with the Lord and presevered in doing His will throughout her life.

215 pages Suggested Donation: $8.00

A Contemplative Shares Her Spiritual Life
Sr. Mary Catherine Parks, O.Ss.R.

In a series of seventeen articles, Sr. Mary Catherine has written what amounts to a how-to book on contemplative prayer by merely trying to express to herself, and to us, through her images of nature and parables, the various stages a person passes through while seeking to encounter Christ.

137 pages Suggested Donation: $9.95


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