United to Christ, who was born into a working family, we find deep joy in being able to use our skills and abilities as service in charity to the community.

Our work provides an indispensable balance in our life as contemplatives. In addition to the domestic tasks we are assigned, such as cooking, cleaning and recycling, we humbly offer our talents in computer work, sewing and library arts.  Each Sister does the work entrusted to her whole-heartedly for the benefit of community life.  Work for the material support of our community includes the manufacture of ceremonial capes for the Knights and Ladies of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre whose principal philanthropy is support of sacred sites in the Holy Land. We also make habits for the Redemptorist priests and brothers.

Our work has a redemptive value when we share in the work of creation by uniting our labor with that of the working poor and collaborate in the building of a better world for the glory of God.  We have received this life as a gift from God and by our work we sustain that gift, our life of contemplation.