Monastic Day

Schedule for Ordinary Days

7:30am        Morning Prayer

8:00am        Mass

9:00am        Work

11:30am       Midday Prayer

12:00pm      Dinner

12:30pm      Recreation

1:30pm        Little Silence

3:30pm        Work

6:00pm        Evening Prayer

6:30pm        Supper

7:30pm        Recreation

8:00pm        Night Prayer

9:00pm       Great Silence

Schedule for Sundays and Solemnities 

7:30pm        Saturday evening Vigil Office of Readings

7:30am        Morning Prayer

8:00am        Free Time

11:00am      Mass

1:00pm        Free Afternoon

6:00pm        Evening Prayer

7:00pm        Communal Recreation

8:00pm        Night Prayer

9:00pm       Great Silence

The time of rising and eating breakfast is according to individual preference.   As is traditional in the monastic life, our noon meal is eaten in silence on Ordinary Days while we listen to a tape or a reading.  During supper we enjoy recreating together, sharing our joys and concerns of the day.