The life of our Redemptoristine community revolves around a core of prayer centered on the recitation and singing of the Liturgy of the Hours. Our liturgical prayers of adoration, thanksgiving and intercession are carried into our personal prayer throughout the day. Our work is geared to our contemplative life and sustains an atmosphere of recollection.  We gather to extend the banquet of the Eucharist to our table for meals, enjoy leisure time together and share in making all the necessary decisions required for life in community. Our daily schedule provides opportunity for solitude, so essential to our contemplative life.

We take pleasure in sharing our contemplative atmosphere, our charism and our liturgies with friends and neighbors as part of the local Church.

The portrait of our community reflects a diversity of age, culture, and experience. We enjoy and benefit from the wealth derived from the diversity of our sisters. Together we share a history, a charism and a love for Jesus Christ, our redeemer.