New Edition of Sr. Moira’s John the Baptist Novel



IMG_2342The fruit of Sr. Moira Quinn’s artistically driven spirituality, this novel is a unique and inspiring fictional account of John the Baptist. “From the moment of conception to his horrific death, you follow his life as a confused young man searching for his identity, to a man in love with a woman who he cannot take as a wife, to the prophet who finally becomes the powerful voice of one crying in the wilderness, “Prepare the way!”


HERE I AM  The Life of:

John the Baptist, a Novel


Use this link to place an order:

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Obituary for Sr. Mary RIP 1927 – 2014

Sister Mary Teresa of the Holy Family, OSsR

nee Mary Teresa McCaffrey

McCaffrey Pleva Knit Mar 7 2007 ORIGINAL - Copy     Sister Mary Teresa McCaffrey of the Redemptoristine community residing in the Monastery of the Incarnation, Beacon, NY, died on December 9, 2014 at Lourdes Health Care Center,  infirmary of the School Sisters of Notre Dame in Wilton, CT at the age of 87 years following a lengthy illness. Sister Mary was the first of four children born to Teresa Alice Taylor and Daniel Joseph McCaffrey on October 6, 1927 in Brooklyn, NY. She is survived by her brothers Daniel and Gerard (Barbara) and a sister Kathleen (John Janny), twelve nieces and nephews, their fifteen children and eight nuns who shared vowed life with her in the Order of the Most Holy Redeemer.

Sister Mary first entered religious life in 1947 in the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood, Long Island. After professing vows in 1949 as Sr. Teresa Miriam she was placed in charge of large classes of little boys in the parish schools of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and St. Mary, Mother of Jesus in Brooklyn.  During 12 years with the Josephites she obtained a BA degree from St. John’s University.

Responding to a call within a call, she entered the contemplative monastic order of the Redemptoristine Nuns, located in Esopus, NY, in 1959. In humble obedience and with great courage she became a novice for the second time joining a young community creating a new monastic foundation on the grounds of Mt. St. Alphonsus Redemptorist Major Seminary.  There she professed Solemn Vows in 1961 as Sr. Mary Teresa of the Holy Family.

By middle age Sr. Mary was enduring ever increasing physical infirmity. Yet she remained faithful in devotion to God, her contemplative vocation and personal devotion to the Holy Eucharist. Always available to her community, she served as Council Secretary for numerous terms, presided over the monastery library and gave willing ear and wise guidance to many new members. The lay associates of the monastery also benefitted from her direction. On behalf of many friends and benefactors she exercised the apostolate of the pen in generous correspondence.

Sr. Mary rejoiced in her experience of over 70 years association with the Redemptorist Congregation; as a child in their parish, a teacher in their schools, and as neighbor to their seminary in Esopus. She influenced many young boys considering the priesthood and later became friend, confidant, informal spiritual director or prayer partner to many Redemptorist priests and brothers. Throughout her life she was a golden thread woven into the fabric of her family where she remained a source of unity and wisdom and a model of faith and prayer.

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Our Move to Beacon Noted in “Catholic New York”

IMG_3600The nuns of Incarnation Monastery, Beacon, New York were delighted to have this story appear in the Archdiocesan newspaper “Catholic New York” on February 6th. Entitled “Two Communities of Sisters Share Faith and a Monastery”. You can read it at the link provided or at:



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Icon Mother of Perpetual Help Has a New Home

olph 004We are so pleased to announce that our precious icon of Mother of Perpetual Help has been formally enthroned in her new home, Incarnation Monastery in Beacon, NY.
Our loving Carmelite Sisters have been most eager to provide a fitting place for our patroness. After consulting with a very creative and generous creator of liturgical settings (he designed the chapel restoration here) OLPH has found a place which seemed to be made just for her. It is a niche outside the chapel in which a wall in newly painted blue sets the icon off so well. As people exit the chapel this image is right before them. This is such a wonderful Christmas gift to all.
This morning at the end of Mass the combined Redemptoristine/Carmelite community processed into the large foyer just outside the chapel. We were led in prayer by Sr. Moira Quinn our prioress. The icon was reverently named again the patroness of the Redemptoristine Nuns and presented for veneration by all the faithful who come to this monastery.
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Perpetual Help Icon

We are so pleased to announce that our precious icon of Mother of Perpetual Help has been formally enthroned in her new home, Incarnation Monastery in Beacon, NY. Visit our Blog Page to view her new setting

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by Sr. Moira Quinn, OSsR  10/25/13 

The_Marriage_at_Cana_-_Decani[1]On the third day there was a marriage at Cana in Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there.  Jesus and his disciples had likewise been invited to the celebration.  At a certain point the wine ran out, and Jesus’ mother told him, “They have no more wine.” Jesus replied, “Woman, how does this concern of yours involve me?  My hour has not yet come. ”His mother instructed those waiting on table, “Do whatever he tells you.” As prescribed for Jewish ceremonial washing, there were at hand six stone water jars, each one holding fifteen to twenty-five gallons. Jesus ordered, “Fill those jars with water,” And they were filled to the brim. “Now, draw some out and take it to the waiter in charge.” The waiter in charge tasted the water made wine, without knowing where it came from; only the waiters knew, since they had drawn the water.  Then the waiter in charge called the groom over and remarked to him, “People usually serve the choice wine first; then when the guests have been drinking awhile, a lesser vintage.   What you have done is keep the choice wine until now!” Thus did Jesus reveal his glory, and his disciples believed in him.          John 2:1-11

Today, we celebrate Jesus who became incarnate by uniting his divinity to our flesh.  The Intent of the Father [at the beginning of our Rule] says, “From all eternity, by virtue of a plan born of His mysterious and utterly gratuitous love for us, God wishes to call us to live in communion with Him, to give us His Spirit of love so that He might constantly live with us and in us…  called together to become the Body of Christ.”

Tomorrow, Carmelite Sr. Mary Theresa celebrates her 50th anniversary of profession.  A couple of weeks ago Matthew and Heidi we married.  Four months ago we came to share this Monastery of the Incarnation when we were at the point we feeling our ‘wine had run out.’ But we have been filled to the brim with new wine, new life as we have seen Jesus’ glory revealed in the warm welcome of our Carmelite sisters.

In each case Jesus is revealed and the loving dynamic of the Incarnation is manifested:  Sr. Theresa vowed to live in communion with Him.  Matthew and Heidi silently exchanged rings when no words could express their mysterious and gratuitous love for each other.  And we are called to live in communion with Him and become the Body of Christ.  And now together with the Carmelites, the Incarnation is broadened through divine charity filling our beings with overflowing wine: grace.

Celeste spoke of the union of our souls with the Incarnate Jesus in Eucharistic fashion.  Once, she began speaking of bread then switched to wine in her metaphor.  It made me think of our two communities coming together.   I paraphrase, “From all the wheat grains, as it were, of faithful souls you knead together a single Bread baked by the fire of your divine charity into your Humanity. You make us the bread of God and we, through union of love, live the life of God.  In this instance, these souls are brought by the Lord into the cellar of this excellent wine of union and grace and, carried away by this most exhilarating drink, live in the strength of the love of the Holy Spirit, and so together we cry out, ‘Eat, drink and be inebriated:  be transformed into the living God.’” ( Flor. 32, 76)

Who knows what our future holds.  “We are called to…transformation in a more radical way in our life as Redemptoristines in order to become, both personally and as a community, a living Memorial of the Paschal Mystery of Christ the Redeemer, (C&S 14) as we seek together the Father’s intent for the whole community.  (C&S 65)


C&S = Constitution and Statutes of the Order of the Most Holy Redeemer

Flor. = Florilegium (compendium of quotes from Ven. Maria Celeste Crostarosa)







Mary, Jesus’ Mother and our Mother, was a wise woman attentive to the Spirit.  In the Cana story we heard how she nudged Jesus to transform his way of thinking and trusted something radical would happen when she told those waiting on table to “Do whatever he tells you.”   In the end the waiter remarked about the ‘choice wine.’  I wonder what ‘choice wine’ awaits us as we strive to remain open to the movements of the Spirit.   What glory will be revealed as we believe in him who “is the light of our faith, the strength of our charity and the source of our hope.”  And be “Like Mary… attentive to the action of the Spirit whose aim is to realize in us the very works of the Redeemer.” (C&S16)

C&S = Constitution and Statutes of the Order of the Most Holy Redeemer

Flor. = Florilegium (compendium of quotes from Ven. Maria Celeste Crostarosa)

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Celebrating Feast of Triumph of the Cross

IMG_3597Scenes from our Eucharist on the  feastday. Twelve lay associates renewed their commitment to living in light of the Redemptoristine charism. Sister Moira offered inspired remarks in which she spoke of the crosses in every human life and how Maria Celeste reflected upon them in her writings. This feast is also the anniversary of Venerable Maria Celeste Crostarosa’s death in 1755. Sr. Moira’s talk with be posted on the Reading Room pages of this website.
























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As Posted to OSsR International Website

Monastery of the Incarnation - chapel and new wing

Monastery of the Incarnation – chapel and new wing

Redemptoristines of New York Rejoice in New Home

It has been a long and difficult journey. But now our community (formerly of Esopus) has finally found its way to a proper monastic home in the city of Beacon, New York. We are sharing sacramental and liturgical life, beauty, silence, and spaciousness in the Carmelite Monastery of the Incarnation. We are making history in this arrangement; two different canonical religious groups living under the same roof. We have received the blessing of our Cardinal Timothy Dolan and the diocesan Vicar for Religious who view this development as a healthy response to the signs of the times. We would like to share with you how we came to this decision for our community.

In January of 2011, we were informed by the Baltimore Province of the Redemptorists that they would be leasing the property of Mount St. Alphonsus and that we would have to find a new home within 2 to 3 years. Four months later we learned that we would have only one year to relocate. The decision made by the Redemptorists was a wise and prudent one, but not without difficulties all around. In the end the property was sold. A bit of gold in this story is that the buyers invested a great deal of money in restoring the building and are lovingly caring for the property. The seminary building is now a private Christian high school.

We searched long and hard for a new home; a suitable monastery. We visited over 40 sites in five states and researched many others via the Internet. By the spring of 2012 we were ready to purchase a Franciscan friary in an urban New Jersey parish. At the last minute we had to give up that plan due to environmental contamination problems with the property. Having only 5 weeks to find a place to live we were fortunate to arrange rental of space in a building owned by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart only 5 miles south of Mount St. Alphonsus. We moved on June 25, 2012. All of our furniture was stored in a gymnasium in the same building. It was a crowded and very awkward space for our life but it did offer spectacular views of the Hudson River.

In January of this year the Missionary Sisters informed us that we would have to leave the property by the end of June. We had already hired professional consultants who work with religious communities to create relocation plans. Everyone went full speed ahead to find the right place for us in a very short period of time. Through the months of searching we learned that private homes require too much remodeling for monastic use and local laws can sometimes interfere in that process. We also learned that former convents, novitiates, etc., required a great deal of repair and adaptation to accommodate the elderly and handicapped. We also knew that it would be very difficult to have daily Mass wherever we went. As the process went on we saw our personal resources diminish as sisters aged and required more care. We had to ask ourselves, “Is it realistic for us to buy a property and take care of it into the future?” Our consultants found situations for us in a few continuing care retirement communities which offer independent or assisted living as well as nursing home care at the same location. These facilities offered great care for our sisters needing assistance. However, the rest of us would have been separated into various buildings. In such an arrangement our communal contemplative monastic life would have been destroyed. By April of this year, we were disheartened and very discouraged. We had two months to find a new home and move.

From September of 2012 through 2013 the Carmelite community of Beacon was prudently examining their own future and their ability to remain on their lovely property. Our two communities have enjoyed close friendship since the 1960’s as members of the Metropolitan Association of Contemplative Communities (MACC). In 1985, the Carmel of New York City moved to a former Ursuline Novitiate in Beacon. During the 1990’s they merged with two other Carmels, added a new wing to their building to accommodate a total of 30 nuns and redesigned the chapel. By September of last year there were only 15 sisters living in the monastery. They wondered how long they would be able to stay in a half empty building. Their options were to rent space in the building or move to a smaller place. Neither option was an attractive one. During this time they followed with heavy hearts our story of disappointment and displacement.

At an April community meeting with their professional facilitator present they spontaneously put the planned agenda aside and began talking about what it would be like if they invited us to come and share the house with them. By the end of the meeting they voted unanimously to issue an invitation. Within two weeks the councils of the communities met and the generous invitation was accepted. We had exactly seven weeks to plan the move and make all arrangements.

Two other big decisions were made. Three of our sisters (Sisters Mary McCaffrey, Mary Anne Reed, and Lydia Lojo) would move to Meadowview, an assisted living facility in Mt. Vernon, New York. At Meadowview they receive all the care they need and join many Franciscan and Dominican sisters in residence there. The second decision was to retire from our work producing ceremonial capes for the Knights and Ladies of the Holy Sepulchre. We have done this work since 1985. It was a good monastic work, well organized by Sr. Maria Paz and then passed on to others. But we had to recognize that we no longer had the number of sisters required to produce 200 capes a year.

On June 11 three sisters moved into Meadowview Assisted Living. On June 23-24 six sisters moved to Beacon and received a most loving welcome from Carmelite community. We have lovely bedrooms in their new wing, a community room now called Celeste Hall, and offices for prioress, treasurer and secretary. We are blessed here to have Mass every day provided by a delightful rotation of priest. Only two days after moving in we had a wonderful celebration for the Feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Help in a Mass concelebrated by the Redemptorist Provincial, Rev. Kevin Moley, and his Council.

In our decision to accept the Carmelite invitation we were acknowledging the signs of the times; fewer vocations, fewer priests, aging sisters. We were also acknowledging our deep desire to preserve our contemplative vocation. We saw that we could do that by joining forces with another contemplative community and sharing the sacramental, liturgical life already established in their horarium.

This is not the ideal that we had in mind when we set out on our journey in search of a new home. But we came to see that given our circumstances, resources and the limited choices before us this arrangement was the most life-giving for us all. We believe the Holy Spirit worked mightily in the hearts and minds of each sister in both communities. We have had to accept losses but we have also embraced new life and welcomed with grateful hearts the opportunity to live out our Redemptoristine vocation. Jesus Christ is the center of everything in this Monastery of the Incarnation. Could we ask for more?

“It is our desire to create together an environment that fosters the growth and well-being of each Sister’s contemplative life as lived in the Carmelite and Redemptoristine traditions and that has the potential for creating together opportunities for effective outreachto the larger community and Church.”

Redemptoristine Nuns
89 Hiddenbrooke Drive
Beacon, New York 12508

Fax 845-831-5579

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Remembering the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel 2013

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Join Nuns In Novena to Mother of Perpetual Help

OLPH Chapel Lightened


June, 2013

Dear Friends

Your Redemptoristine Sisters, formally of Esopus, come to you with news.  Thank you for your prayers and support these past two years since we began our search for a new monastery.

Over a month ago, the Carmel of the Incarnation in Beacon, New York extended an invitation to us to share space in their monastery when they realized their building was being under-utilized.   This was the inspiration of the Holy Spirit!   We are pleased to be able to remain here in the Hudson Valley in a peaceful location close to our friends, associates and doctors, and feel blessed to continue our Redemptoristie charism for the church and the world in a monastic setting.

The Redemptoristines and the Carmelites have been linked by prayer, friendship, and support for over 45 years as founding members of the Metropolitan Association of Contemplative Communities.

Initially, the nine members in our community made a commitment to remain together, but within the last year it has become evident that we could no longer support our sisters who require care for their special needs.  Thus, we made the difficult decision that three of our sisters, as much as we love and cherish them, must go into assisted living.  They will be moving to Meadowview for Assisted Living at Wartburg in Mount Vernon, New York June 11, 2013.

Carmel of the Incarnation will welcome the other six into their monastery on June 25, 2013.   We firmly believe that being well-grounded religious firmly rooted in our unique charisms, our sharing of space within the Beacon monastery will be one of enrichment and support for both communities rather than diminishment of our particular gifts to the people of God.

The beauty of our life of prayer transcends space and time.  So, even though we are separating, we will continue to be one community in heart, mind and spirit living in two locations.  No matter in which place we find ourselves individually, we live like our Blessed Mother striving to live the love of Christ in constant communion with her Son who is the light of our faith, the strength of our charity and the source of our hope.

Because we will just be settling in to our new surroundings, we will be unable to hold a public celebration in honor of our Mother of Perpetual Help on June 27, 2013.  We thank our Lady for accompanying us this past year and answering our prayers. Yet, there is so much more to pray for: the needs of our world today, the intentions of our families and friends…  Let us bring these intentions to Mary whom Jesus from the cross entrusted to us saying, “Behold your Mother!”

Please send us your intentions.  They will be placed before the icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help in the chapel.   With trust and faith we confidently invoke her powerful intercession throughout the novena beginning June 19 by saying this prayer:

Holy Mary, help all in distress, encourage the fainthearted,
console the sorrowful, be the advocate of all the clergy and religious,
strengthen family life, bring peace to our world,
intercede for all God’s holy people;

 let all feel your aid who implore your Perpetual Help.

 Our Mother of Perpetual Help, pray for us.

 That we may become worthy of the promises of Christ.

       O Lord Jesus Christ,

               who has given us your Mother Mary,

whose miraculous image we venerate, to be our Mother

 ever ready to help us, grant we pray, that we who earnestly implore her aid

 may deserve to enjoy perpetually the fruit of your redemption.

You who live and reign for ever and ever.  Amen.

Our Mother of Perpetual Help

Pray for Us


New Address as of June 11, 2013

Sr. Mary Anne Reed, OSsR, Unit 210
Sr. Lydia Lojo-Cruz, OSsR, Unit 216

Sr. Mary McCaffrey, OSsR, Unit 231

Meadowview at Wartburg

2 Wartburg Place

Mt Vernon, NY 10552 

New address as of June 25, 2013

Sr. Paula Schmidt, OSsR

Sr. Maria Paz Suarez, OSsR

Sr. Mary Jane Stefanik, OSsR

Sr. Moira Quinn, OSsR

Sr. Hildegard Pleva, OSsR

Sr. Maria Linda Magbiro,OSsR

Redemptoristine Nuns

 89 Hiddenbrooke  Drive

 Beacon, NY 12508



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